Marathon ON

Next Saturday things get real! Yesterday I completed the last big training walk around Spinnaker Park and I didn’t pull up feeling like I’d been dragged behind a car. This time, I drank plenty of water. Big difference. Yesterday’s walk […]

Marathon Walk Update

13 Days To GO! On September 28 I’ll be setting off at 8am to walk 42 k’s around Spinnaker Park at the Gladstone Marina. In other news I’ve decided to run (walk) with two local charities Roseberry House and The […]

The Write Code

The Write Code

Need a website, or want to tweak your old page, then this Gladstone coder is here to help. A poorly designed website not only makes Luke Linwood cringe, it makes his fingers itch. “I just want to dive in and […]

Helping Hands and Sore Feet

Folks, to walk a marathon I’m going to need some help, plus it’s my chance to help others. ‘Ooh, I get by with a little help from my friends…’ The whole point of walking 42 km around Spinnaker Park was […]

An Ode to Bundy Rum

The following poem landed in my lap back in the nineties when I was the secretary of the Gladstone Area Writer’s Group. It wasn’t until 2009, while I was trying to track down the mysterious poet, I came across Fred […]

Leonardo da Gladstone?

Meet our very own Renaissance Woman Anne Huth says she was born with a gift for art. “I used to tell the kids at school I was Leonardo da Vinci re-incarnated,” she said.  “I can write left and right-handed, back […]

Short Story Winner

A big thanks to the entrants in this month’s short story comp. Gladstone writer Brian Farber’s story about a the dangers of worshipping idols was the standout winner. If you enjoy his short story, check out his book Hitler’s Zeitmaschine […]

Step Up in Gladstone

Folks, do you know the difference between steps and stairs? Me either, but this week I walked up the 111 Steps staircase scaling Gladstone’s Auckland Hill, and it took me 318 steps to do it. The steps were built in […]

Writing and Walking

Folks, time is running out if you want to win an easy $50 from the Bank of Greg. All you have to do is submit your short story to by the end of the month and if your story […]

What’s your (short) story?

Folks, you could be the owner of this tiny portrait of a happy man which I’ve been told is worth fifty of your Earth dollars. All you need to do is submit one (note the ‘one’ all you keen scribblers, […]