About FreelanceLife

“Well, what’s your story?”

Everyone has a story to tell.

It may be interesting, funny, helpful, sad, nostalgic, wacky, complicated, historical, philosophical, horrifying, clever, practical, or a complete load of rubbish.

But, whatever your story is, we’d like to hear it and share it.

Hey!  Writers, Novelists, Artists, Poets, Songwriters, Graffiti ‘Artists’, Creative Types, Makers and Playwrights that means you too.

If you’ve written, drawn, composed, constructed or scrawled something you’d like to share online, we’d be happy to check it out and, if we feature it.

It may be an excerpt from your novel, a poem, a magic trick, an epic saga, mural, a letter your Aunt sent you when you were a child, a book review, handy life tip, a toy you’ve made, a short story, music video, podcast or grainy photograph of a sea monster you saw last year on holidays.

To be honest, we’re pretty much fascinated by everything and everyone, every day.

Advertisers and Sponsors

We’re determined to make this site ‘click-bait free’, but we still need to pay for certain items, such as web-hosting and food.

If you’ve been hankering to sponsor a very grateful group of fun loving, bright-eyed, bushy tailed, overly curious and enthusiastic content creators then we need to talk.

Send me a message via the Contact page, then expect someone to darken your doorway in the very near future.