Spring Marathon Stroll

This September I’ll be celebrating my 53rd birthday in a special way; by walking 42 kilometres. That’s right, on September 28 I’ll be walking a marathon, not running it. Hey, I’ll be turning 53, and I got this far without […]

Jack of All Trades

“I love Australian crowds, they’re so supportive.”



One month ago the ‘Go Live’ button was pressed on this website, and to all of you who have stopped by and checked out FreelanceLife: Thank You! I’ve had a ball interviewing people, visiting some old places with fresh eyes, […]

A wander up Mount Biondello

It’s not exactly the Matterhorn, but a stroll up Gladstone’s Mount Biondello is worth doing.

How to break into the Australian Country Music Scene

Singer songwriter Buddy Weston has been in the music game for nearly 60 years

On the Gladstone Gold Trail – Part 4

I could think of much worse ways of spending an afternoon in the bush than panning for gold…

On the Gladstone Gold Trail – Part 3

Calliope was the first place to officially record a gold find in Queensland.

Day trip to Kroombit Tops and ‘Beautiful Betsy’

It took nearly eight and a half hours to complete the 190klms circuit to see Betsy.

How to get to Kroombit Tops and Beautiful Betsy

The following includes the distances and times it took to make the round trip from Calliope to Kroombit Tops and the Beautiful Betsy crash site. (Note: we did make a quick 10 km detour to see Fairy Springs) Starting and […]

On the Gladstone Gold Trail – Part 2

Donnie announces he will show us ‘how to follow a lead’, basically, the art of reading the land to find potential patches of gold bearing dirt.