So, you want to become a Motivational Speaker?

‘I was born to be onstage connecting with people.’
Anton Guinea

On the Gladstone Gold Trail – Part 1

There’s still gold waiting to be found around Gladstone and Central Queensland, if you know where to look. Gold prospector Donnie Pascoe said a 30-ounce nugget was found in the region a few years ago. “I know the bloke who […]

Short Story – The Worst Kiss by Pierre Fermier

Pierre Fermier has been intensely involved with ‘Gladstone Area Writer’s Group’ with the help of which he has produced numerous short stories. He is momentarily returning to his ancestors’ hunting grounds, in search for inspiration and time to focus on […]

Welcome to FreelanceLife

Folks, this is my latest adventure in blogging and life. Like a lot of things I’ve done over the years, I’ve stumbled into it with no real knowledge of how it will work out, where I’ll end up or how […]