Helping Hands and Sore Feet

Folks, to walk a marathon I’m going to need some help, plus it’s my chance to help others. ‘Ooh, I get by with a little help from my friends…’ The whole point of walking 42 km around Spinnaker Park was […]

An Ode to Bundy Rum

The following poem landed in my lap back in the nineties when I was the secretary of the Gladstone Area Writer’s Group. It wasn’t until 2009, while I was trying to track down the mysterious poet, I came across Fred […]

Leonardo da Gladstone?

Meet our very own Renaissance Woman Anne Huth says she was born with a gift for art. “I used to tell the kids at school I was Leonardo da Vinci re-incarnated,” she said.  “I can write left and right-handed, back […]

Short Story Winner

A big thanks to the entrants in this month’s short story comp. Gladstone writer Brian Farber’s story about a the dangers of worshipping idols was the standout winner. If you enjoy his short story, check out his book Hitler’s Zeitmaschine […]