Towering over Tondoon Botanic Gardens is Gladstone’s highest hill

Photo of Mount Biondello taken from Round Hill (aka: One Tree Hill)

It’s not exactly The Matterhorn, but a stroll up the 145 metre Mount Biondello, is worth doing.

Note: I don’t know who labelled it Biondello, but it’s either been named after a type grape or a minor character from Shakespeare’s play ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

There are three ways to clamber to the top. Most people start and finish at Savour the Flavour coffee shop… sorry, the Botanic Gardens car park. 

For the more adventurous, you can enter the gate just near the Glenlyon Road, Dixon Drive roundabout or the back (western) gate at the end of Southern Cross Drive, Telina.  

Halfway up the slope is the water reservoir which feeds the creek flowing through the gardens; for some reason it’s been out of action for a while. Also missing is most of the fence, fortunately the council has placed a sign on the side to stop anyone from taking a dip. 

Water reservoir – Tondoon Botanic Gardens

Seriously, if you were thinking about diving in, DON’T, it’s pretty deep and there’s no lifeguard on duty. 

Did I mention it was deep? Photo taken in 2018.

Continuing upward, the scenery between the trees improves and there’s plenty of evidence the ‘Phantom Rock Stacker’ (PRS) is back in town.

The Phantom Rock Stacker strikes again.
Base camp reached, on to the summit!
View of Mt Larcom overlooking Telina and Emmadale Estates
A novel way to stack stones…

The view from the top is obstructed by trees but it’s not too bad.  Note: I took several photos while standing atop what turned out to a nest full of very upset, and bitey, ants. 

From here it’s all (well, mostly) downhill to the gardens.

The end of the trail.
More stacked rocks on a sign showing a hiker on their mobile phone and a one-armed deaf man listening to a short person firing a gun.

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