Marathon ON

Next Saturday things get real! Yesterday I completed the last big training walk around Spinnaker Park and I didn’t pull up feeling like I’d been dragged behind a car. This time, I drank plenty of water. Big difference. Yesterday’s walk […]

Marathon Walk Update

13 Days To GO! On September 28 I’ll be setting off at 8am to walk 42 k’s around Spinnaker Park at the Gladstone Marina. In other news I’ve decided to run (walk) with two local charities Roseberry House and The […]

Helping Hands and Sore Feet

Folks, to walk a marathon I’m going to need some help, plus it’s my chance to help others. ‘Ooh, I get by with a little help from my friends…’ The whole point of walking 42 km around Spinnaker Park was […]

Writing and Walking

Folks, time is running out if you want to win an easy $50 from the Bank of Greg. All you have to do is submit your short story to by the end of the month and if your story […]

Spring Marathon Stroll

This September I’ll be celebrating my 53rd birthday in a special way; by walking 42 kilometres. That’s right, on September 28 I’ll be walking a marathon, not running it. Hey, I’ll be turning 53, and I got this far without […]


One month ago the ‘Go Live’ button was pressed on this website, and to all of you who have stopped by and checked out FreelanceLife: Thank You! I’ve had a ball interviewing people, visiting some old places with fresh eyes, […]

Welcome to FreelanceLife

Folks, this is my latest adventure in blogging and life. Like a lot of things I’ve done over the years, I’ve stumbled into it with no real knowledge of how it will work out, where I’ll end up or how […]