I’m on the road again! Artist Peter Broelman

Folks, this is my latest adventure in blogging and life.

Like a lot of things I’ve done over the years, I’ve stumbled into it with no real knowledge of how it will work out, where I’ll end up or how it will impact my life. 

It’s a good thing I don’t panic easily; mostly.

Fortunately, I’m in good company.

Many of the people I’ve interviewed for this website have been, or are currently, in the same situation. 

This site has been created to capture and share their passion, enthusiasm and hopes as they push forward on their own personal journeys to live life on their terms.

As time passes I’ll continue to share their successes, mistakes and hopefully inspire others to follow their own personal dream.  Or at least dip their toe in the puddle by pursuing a side-hustle, hobby or business they’ve always wanted to have a crack at.

Occasionally I’ll take a few side trips, exploring places near and far.  Some very close to home which are often taken for granted. As artist Ann Huth said, “People don’t see what they’re looking at, at what’s around them until they really learn to focus.”

But most of all, right now, I’m going to enjoy living my own version of a FreelanceLife.

Greg Bray


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