Map of Boyne Valley – Kroombit Tops National Park.

The following includes the distances and times it took to make the round trip from Calliope to Kroombit Tops and the Beautiful Betsy crash site. (Note: we did make a quick 10 km detour to see Fairy Springs)

Map of Kroombit Tops National Park.

Starting and finishing at the Calliope crossroads, we clocked up 190 klms and took slightly less than 8.5 hours (including several several breaks).

Note: While a 2WD SUV (e.g.: Toyota Rav 4, Nissan X-Trail or Honda CRV) will be able to reach the Kroombit Tops lookout deck, but you will need a 4WD with good ground clearance to get to the bomber crash site.

TimeHours ApproxKlmsDirections
07:4300Start: Puma Service Station Calliope Crossroads
08:20 32.5Turn right onto Bundawilla Road
08:30 37Fairy Springs
   5 minute break
08:36  Back on the road
08:441 Back at turn-off, continue along Tablelands Rd.  (Note: do not turn to the left when you come to the Diglum sign)
09:15 61.4Sign – Kroombit Tops National Park
09:24 64.3Sign – Information sign with maps near top of range.  Stop for a few mins.
   Few minute break
?? 66.7Ranger’s hut and toilets
09:37 69.4Griffiths Creek camping and day park areas.
09:54275T-Intersection sign for Kroombit Lookout (East) and Bomber (head West)
10:05 79.7Kroombit Tops Lookout
   15 minute break
10:20  Back on the road
10:30 84.3Pass T-Intersection again
10:33  4WD warning sign
10:393 Start and finish of 4WD Loop Road (Wrong Way Go Back… seriously, don’t go to the right…. turn LEFT!)
11:35 101.3Sign – Turn off to Bomber crash site
11:444103.2Bomber crash site car park
11:52  Walk around circuit – 400 metres
   44 minute break
12:28  Back on the road
12:38 105Turn back onto the Loop Circuit and head down to ‘The Wall’
12:515106Arrive at The Wall (took 13 minutes to go 1km!)
   24 minute break for lunch
13:15  Back on the road
13:36 109.4Stop at unmarked lookout.  Amazing view, but seriously, lookout for steep drop offs.
   5 minute break
13:416 Back on the road
14:407117.6End of loop (pass the ‘Wrong Way Go Back’ sign)
14:20 120Back at T-intersection and turn left onto Tablelands Rd
14:41 126.3Griffiths Creek camping area.
   18 minute break
14:49  Back on the road
14:59 129Pass Rangers station (Toilet amenities)
16:10< 8.50190.8Back at the Puma service station

Greg Bray

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