Come see the chubby man staggering around in circles

13 Days To GO!

On September 28 I’ll be setting off at 8am to walk 42 k’s around Spinnaker Park at the Gladstone Marina.

In other news I’ve decided to run (walk) with two local charities Roseberry House and The Mission to Seafarers.

I’ve got a lot of respect for both organisations and the people who run them.

Roseberry House help a lot of people, but have to turn a lot away too, particularly homeless men. During my evening training strolls I see some of them wandering the streets of Gladstone, and these blokes are doing it bloody hard.

The Mission to Seafarers also does an amazing job of looking after the needs of the many lonely and homesick sailors who visit our harbour. Every time I wander around Spinnaker Park I look at the big ships at berth, or sailing in and out of the harbour, and my heart goes out to the hard working crews aboard them.

A final reminder, you don’t have to join me on the path for a stroll, just wave as I roll by, or as you drive by 🙂

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