This September I’ll be celebrating my 53rd birthday in a special way; by walking 42 kilometres.

The Dugong is the totem animal of all tubby walkers staggering around Spinnaker Park.

That’s right, on September 28 I’ll be walking a marathon, not running it. Hey, I’ll be turning 53, and I got this far without hip or knee surgery, so why ruin a spotless record?

As they say in the Army, ‘A bad plan is better than no plan at all’, so my current plan is to walk 26 laps around the 1.6 klm circuit at Spinnaker Park, Gladstone Marina, possibly in a pirate outfit.

There’s a dot missing between the one and the six, otherwise it’s pretty accurate.

Actually, the pirate dress code is really growing on me. I might pencil that in as a ‘Definite’.

Also, for each lap I complete, I’ll toss six bucks into a bucket for charity.

Which conveniently brings me to how you can help me make this a very special occasion.

It would be amazing if you’d like to pop down and walk a couple of laps with me, stop by to pat my sweaty back, or cheer me on as I lumber past the start/finish line.

I’m walkin’… singing a song…

At this stage I think it will take me roughly 6 – 8 hours to waddle the distance. I’m not expecting anyone to stay for the whole day (well, obviously apart from me) but if you do pop by, I’d like to honour your visit by sharing with you how you’ve made my life better for having known you.

Also, I’m going to need some help. Quite a lot of help. Preparation, training, motivation, tips, tricks, setting up a small picnic area, being part of a standby cheer squad and an esky guardian.

Actually, two esky guardians… mean looking ones.

So that’s it. That’s the plan so far. I’d welcome any feedback or advice. Drop me a line and let’s make this a birthday celebration to remember!


  1. I might join you for a couple of hours – not doing much on the 28th and can always use the exercise.

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