Need a website, or want to tweak your old page, then this Gladstone coder is here to help.

Local website developer, Luke Linwood from Lyonic Web Design

A poorly designed website not only makes Luke Linwood cringe, it makes his fingers itch.

“I just want to dive in and fix it,” he said.

“It might be clunky and not responsive.

“Sometimes you get really good websites that are really funky, but the presentation’s poor, or not very user friendly.

“Or they work well on a desktop but not on a mobile device, or vice versa.

“I can upgrade them to a much better standard that will work across all platforms.”

Luke’s side-hustle Lyonic was born.

“My idea for originally getting into was, I can build a website to whatever it is you want, make it user friendly and work across all devices,” he said.

“I also have the skill to create unique designs because everything is made from inspiration and imagination.”

Code now; sleep later

This is because Luke knows the mystical art of coding.

“My eldest brother, Jared, who is a renowned programmer in Brisbane, helped me get started,” he said.

“I love coding, it’s my happy place. 

“Late at night when I should be asleep I keep going because I want to see what the site looks like when I finish it.”

Luke spent four years building up his skills and portfolio.

“When I first started I didn’t have many clients,” he said. 

“You’re essentially a nobody until you get a rep, so I started by building charity and volunteer pages for free. 

“They got a free website, and I had a portfolio I could show to others.”

“We create custom websites that have a nice, beautiful, arrangement to them but also have a responsiveness that works across all your mobile devices and desktops.”

To Code or Not to Code?

“A lot of other web developers in town don’t work from scratch like me,” Luke says.

“I code using HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and… (Folks, at this point my eyes sort of glazed over).

“They use website builders, so fundamentally each website they build is basically the same as the one they did for their last customer.

“They need to know a little coding, but sites are built out of a static library.” 

He adds that a lot of drag and drop website builders like GoDaddy or Wix are good, but have limitations.

“They’ll give you an online presence and they work well if you have no coding background,” Luke said.

“But a lot of them are only blogging platforms. 

“Their generic pages are there to draw you away from the professional customisable sites. 

“But if you want to expand it, or add an online store, you can’t, you’ll find yourself having to go to a developer anyway because they can customise it to whatever you want.

Technology meets Creativity

“A lot of start-ups are more focussed on making money first, then building their website,” he says. 

“People can’t afford not to have a good website, it’s your platform, you decide how it looks and you make the rules.

“It’s also a great way to open up markets outside your local area.”

If you’re in the market for a new web page, or want to freshen up your current site, then you can contact Luke at his website, fill out his online form or just pick up the phone and give him a call 0408815059.

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