Folks, you could be the owner of this tiny portrait of a happy man which I’ve been told is worth fifty of your Earth dollars.

All you need to do is submit one (note the ‘one’ all you keen scribblers, just send in one) short story and, if it’s publish on this site on the first Saturday of July, this note will be winging its’ way to you.


Who Can Enter: well, anyone living in Australia I suppose, a good yarn is a good yarn.  I’m not sure we can mail money overseas and I don’t want the AFP kicking down my front door as we’re a bit light on for whiteboards to hide behind here at FreelanceLife HQ.

Topic: Anything your heart desires, but keep it clean… clean-ish. 

Word Count: up to 5000, possibly more if it’s a particularly good tale.

Format: MS Word or just paste the whole thing to:

Please include a short bio and photo (Of yourself… keep it clean too! Resolution 1 – 2 Mb)

Final Note

The winner will be notified before the ‘Publish’ button has been pressed.  

Note: if your story isn’t chosen don’t be too despondent, it may be published at a later date.

So, fire up your keyboards and get typing!    

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