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Birthday Marathon Walk Update

In other news, my quest to ‘Walk a Marathon’ on September 28 this year took a bit of a hit last week when I was suddenly struck down by a head cold. 

Happily, I survived, but my walking schedule was put on the back burner. 

To date, my longest, continuous walk was two weeks ago when I strolled 16 km around Spinnaker Park (10 laps). 

It took me nearly three hours to complete, including a couple of drink and toilet stops. If I can maintain that pace, I should be able to stagger the full 42 kms on the day in less than 8 hours.   

On a sadder note, my faithful old New Balance sand-shoes, which have helped me cover more miles than a line at Movie World, are not going to make it to September.

You know, with the correct application of duct tape… maybe I’ll get another 200 k’s out of them?

I’m open to suggestions to replace them, but in the meantime I’ll carry on stomping round the circuit in my River’s trainers.  Well, I survived the 70’s and 80’s wearing Dunlop Volleys and Adidas Stingrays (similar to the ones picture below).

No wonder people my age have bad knees now…

Still, it’s not as if I’m lashing house bricks to my feet. Honestly, how bad could it be?


  1. I recently bought a pair of track trainers in really good condition for a mere $5 from Vinnies, because my old sports shoes (bought second hand at the Calliope markets 4 years ago – also $5) were starting to look a little shabby. You can compliment me on my purchase when I join you for your Marathon walk around Spinnaker Park on 28th September.

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